Nowadays, many companies have realized the benefits of staying on young peoples' radar, from Scion to Sony to Nike. Advertising to a population that by definition is against advertising is complicated, and the only way to go about it is through organic channels. By choosing to back an organization such as YOUNITY, corporations can help stay in touch with quickly-changing youth culture while helping improve the lives of a group of inner-city children and supporting hard-working female artists. The most important aspect of YOUNITY will be its influence on the futures of the kids who participate in documenting the art exhibitions. The pressure of growing up in a large city is a well-worn narrative, yet it still rings true. Taking children off the streets after school and exposing them to the artistic process in all its glory and hardships will potentially shape their lives, or at the very least provide a place to be creative and receive positive feedback. The impact of YOUNITY will spread much farther than the organizers, artists and kids who make it happen in New York City. Once it becomes a full-fledged international collective, women artists all over will profit from the network. Since YOUNITY aims to be all-inclusive, it will happily provide resources and information to any female who may need it.



Younity Heart & Soul Book-1